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Cognitive Dissonance
Rappaccini's Vine
24" x 50" oil and acrylic medium on panel
Parts of the Whole
Parts of the Whole
35" x 20" oil and acrylic medium on panel


From Robert Daniel Gallery opens on Fawcett, by Dawn Quinn, For Tacoma Weekly
October 30, 2008

"Artist Andrew Glass utilizes acrylic paints and oils to create pieces that give the impression of uniquely designed ceramic tiles placed together in a most intricate manner to create wall art, not flooring. In “Cognitive Dissonance” warm and complementary yellows, oranges and brick red are used within each of the piece’s squares. Striped, wavy lines in outer squares look as though a comb’s teeth were run through the paint to create the effect. The internal fiery red units give an impression of synapses interconnected in webs, firing off inside a nervous system."

The Robert Daniel Gallery is located at 2501 Fawcett Ave. For more information, call (253) 227-1407, or visit the gallery’s website at

From Inaugural show: Hot new gallery in T-town, by Alec Clayton, For Volcano Weekly
November 06, 2008

"Andrew Glass... also fills the surface with prismatic forms on a grid, but his shapes are squares filled with energetic marks that seem to be derived from fronds and blades of grass with dark and acidic colors."


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